• General Information
  • Korean Currency

    Korea's official monetary unit is the Won (KRW, ₩). Korean currency consists of a ten thousand, fifty thousand, and one thousand won note, and five hundred, one hundred, fifty and ten won coins. One U.S. dollar is roughly equivalent to 1,100 won as of March 2015. Please note that exchange rates fluctuate daily; it is recommended to check current rates before making any large transactions.

  • Weather

    Korea has four seasons, with a wet monsoon/summer season in the middle of the year, and a cold winter from November to March. The ideal time to visit Korea is during the autumn months (September-November). During this time, the country experiences warm, sunny weather, skies that are cobalt blue and spectacular foliage that is perhaps the biggest draw. Winters are cold and dry and are a good time to visit if you are interested in winter sports as there are numerous ski resorts. Spring (April-May) is also beautiful with all the cherry blossoms in bloom. The summer months are muggy and hot, and rather crowded. It is also when the monsoon season begins so many activities are subject to the fluctuations of heavy rain.

    Average Temperatures and Rainfall
    Month Centigrade(℃) Fahrenheit(℉) Humidity(%) Rainfall(mm)
    Jan. -2.5 27.5 62.6 21.6
    Feb. -0.3 31.46 61 23.6
    Mar. 5.2 41.36 61.2 45.8
    Apr. 12.1 53.78 59.3 77
    May 17.4 63.32 64.1 102.2
    Jun. 21.9 71.42 71 133.3
    Jul. 24.9 76.82 79.8 327.9
    Aug. 25.4 77.72 77.4 348
    Sept. 20.8 69.44 71 137.6
    Oct. 14.4 57.92 66.2 49.3
    Nov. 6.9 44.42 64.6 53
    Dec. 0.2 32.36 63.8 24.9
  • Electrical System

    Outlets for 220 volts 60 cycles are dominant. Always check the power supply before using you equipment.